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You know your business and your customers -
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Especially now, the right choice is crucial. Decide for yourself and let yourself be informed and advised in the selection process.

Your webshop or Ecommerce platform must match your market, target group and strategy. Now and in the future. The choice to be made depends entirely on your business. Do not miss any opportunities and do not throw 'expensive money' into the water. services
As a retailer, you emphasize the look and feel, data collection and interactivity, connectivity with suppliers, international marketplaces and social media. Competition is fierce, speed, ease of use and distinctiveness make the difference. Your platform is your store and the beating heart of your business.
The market climate offers all the potential to start, expand your online presence with specialized shops or innovate with a replatforming process. Choose the Ecommerce solution that perfectly matches this. We help you with information, selection, implementation and activation.

Innovate, digitize, transform
Wholesale processes change at the speed of light, manufacturers play on new channels, B2B and B2C overlap. Face-to-face contacts in the wholesale business are making way for digital transactions.

In the front end, the emphasis is on customer-specific access procedures, speed, detailed product information and optimal ease of ordering and billing. In the back end, connectivity with Business Intelligence, Marketing, CRM and ERP systems makes the difference.

The digital transformation is happening right now. Those who want to lead the way should now choose an Ecommerce platform that is built for a digital future. service helps you on your way offers knowledge support in the selection process. By presenting and assessing all existing solutions. We share trends and advise on inventory, selection, implementation and activation. Completely independent.

ecom solutions services

From route plan and a schedule of requirements to a step-by-step plan. Based on market knowledge and IT know how. With one goal: to find the ultimate Ecommerce platform.

(Pre) selection services make the supply of products transparent online - expertly and independently. By facilitating product comparisons and providing knowledge and information. Boost your E-business!

Implementation support

Selection is one thing, investing and implementing is a completely different story. Our experts support you with product analyses and contract negotiations and supervise the implementation.

Boost your E-business and digital transformation.
Take effective steps for a new Ecommerce platform or your replatforming project.


Independent information about all Ecommerce solutions

Honest information

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